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2017-09-13 - 1400 Update - Page:FIU - SMRT (State)

2017-Sep-17 - 1300 Status update

The potential for a deployment has greatly diminished. Florida DoH has chosen a different path for a response to Marathon Keys. The two medical center decompression missions are scaling back and the US Virgin Islands are bracing for another storm. As the Incident Commander for the SMRS during this event, I want to express my gratitude and sincerely apologize for not influencing the State DoH surgeon general into using us as a tried and tested resource.  I thank you for your time and energy. I'm not finished with our fight to prove that all these years and dedication of the "volunteers" was for nothing.

Jay Brosnan, Commander, RegionOne

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 FIU - SMRT-North

2017-Sep-14 - 1800 Status update

FIU still working to get us a mission. Please go back to work and resume normal activities and I will notify you when we actually get the launch. 

If your availability for deployment changes please let us know. fiu.smrt.north@gmail.com or Lynne Drawdy @ 407 928-1288


2017-Sep-14 - 1300 Status update

As of noon, no new mission requests have been received and we are awaiting the conference call or a call to launch assets to a mission. I understand that we all are "chomping at the bit" to go out the door. I just want you to continue your normal routine at work and home and have a polite discussion with your employer and family and explain the nature of the "hurry up and wait" for the system that we are stuck in.  If anyone needs me to talk to an employer please text me 8502598783 or email me @ r1smrtcmdr@gmail.com and I will try and help.


2017-09-13 - 1800 Update Stand Down / Back to Ready State of the FIU/SMRS

Please understand that this is a normal process until the ground truth is had and the state assessment teams have completed assessments. Please keep your phones charged and on. we will let everyone know just as soon as they call for assistance. Several missions are being vetted and we are up next. 

2017-09-13 - 1400 Update activation of the FIU/SMRS

Several missions are now vetted and the system is being activated. Please contact Lynne Drawdy to confirm your availability. RegionOne Assets please meet at the warehouse by 1700 cts this evening. If you encounter delay or a problem please call the Office @ 850-863-3628 or Jay @ 850-259-8783 ASAP. 

09/12/17 2000 Update- Page:FIU - SMRT (State)

09/12/17 2000 Update

Today we have started one mission and continue to support it.

Tomorrow we are going to do another mission with requirements to fulfill a small staffing issue.

The command group has a conference call every evening and throughout the day we give each other updates and I will post what I can here.

So the rest of our mission at this time is to continue reach-out to all available Nurses and Doctors. Please Call Lynne Drawdy @ 407 928-1288 or ldrawdy@centurylink.net  There will be an Everbridge Call going out for more staff - Please respond appropriately. 

2017-09-12 1200 Update - Page:FIU - SMRT (State)

2017-09-12 1200 Update

Missions are starting to come in, Last evening we helped with a Hospital decompression/Medical Surge Mission by sending resources to a hospital.

Today I have a request for 10 ER/hospitalist/internist Type Physicians and 10 ER Type RN's. The requirement is to deploy to FIU by Wednesday, Sept 13 at 11 am. So we will be reaching out to those in the central part of the state. Call Lynne Drawdy @ 4079281288 All other communications please text Me 8502598783.

Please understand I am working as the IC and with the whole state/FIU organization.  So, I'm working with all of the regions with all aspects of this incident.

I understand that most of you have not ever deployed after a storm and there is a multitude of tasks that need to happen before we can put you out the door. Such as a requirement that a medical facility must request help from their local DoH ESF-8 desk. Then that request needs to be up channeled to the State ESF-8 Desk to be tasked out for Damage Assessment Team to Assess. Once that is completed the appropriate assets are requested, and A Mission tasker can be put into play. That is the time frame that FIU will get the call, and in turn, I get the call, and we start working a mission specific roster, and you start getting assignment calls. I hope this helps with some of the confusion. I do understand that it is frustrating and with a high anxiety acceptation, I'm feeling it too. We will all get through this.  I want to thank you for your time and energy that you have given so far. 

Those of you who are awaiting HR letters understand that the HR personnel are trying to get this done from home and most are without power and or the internet.

We now have the FAQ section up and look there for questions first but please feel free to email your questions to fiu.smrt.north@gmail.com  

2017-9-11 - Page:FIU - SMRT (State)

2017-Sep-11 1700 Update

16 years ago today will be the day will all recall what we were doing during that dreadful day. It is etched in there forever - We Will Never Forget!

Today Hurricane Irma has come and went. As I write this the feeder bands are just finishing up hitting the northwestern part of the state. I feel as a state we have dodged a cannonball, not several bullets. I see that a good portion of the state is without power. As I look into EM Constellation I see several requests for DMAT's, As with every storm, the assessment teams need to get into these areas and determine the correct resources go to the right mission and for the first days of an event like this, it always seems too slow.  Please stand with me and just pray that we are actually not needed, but we are ready for that call. I have heard from Regions 1,4,5,6 and 7 and their assets are ready to roll.  So everyone please keep your phones charged and on. Just as soon as I have something I will let you all know.

Administration: FIU sustained some damage and with power issues, the HR department is working the problem of appointment letters.

I did add/fix the FAQ section at the bottom of the page. If you have additional questions please emailfiu.smrt.north@gmail.com and I will answer them and post them.

Using the federal system there are three phases of status, We are at the Alert status the next and last phase is Activation. During, Alert you need to keep PAR with your equipment being readied, During Activation, is when you're on telephone standby and expected to respond when called. 

STATUS - on Alert - Keep your bags ready - This will be the first place I change our status. 

2017-09-10 Update - Page:FIU - SMRT (State)

2017-Sep-10 Update

Good evening from the IC 's computer:

I'm hoping that everyone's homes and property is undamaged and that you are safe and sound. It appears that the storm is causing widespread destruction but not at the catastrophic level it was predicted.


The staff is constantly updated on the storm track and awaiting information from both the State of Florida and other partners in this response and recovery. I will keep you posted as soon as I know something I will pass that information on.  Thank you and Please Stay Safe!

From Administration: If you have not received a letter (on official FIU letterhead) from HR Please email me at and I will ensure that they know.  

FIU - SMRT North - Hurricane IRMA - Page:FIU SMRT - North


Commanders Message IRMA#1

Attention all members of State Medical Response Team - North, formally know as RegionOne and RegionThree SMRTs. As you may already know, the SMRT system is now being managed by Florida International University (FIU).  I am asking each of you to respond with your availability to deploy as a FIU-SMRT member.  The dates of deployment are unknown at this time.  We are in the process of preparing a roster and ask that you consider the following before sending your response.  

It is important you read and understand the following in making your decision to deploy:

  1. Your own health and ability to provide services in an austere condition. Please do not become a casualty and increase the workload of other responders. 
  2. For deploying with FIU, there is no USERRA coverage. 
  3. Florida DoH has not signed a contract as of yet for the SMRT personnel assets, but Ruben Almaguer, Assistant Vice President of Disaster and Emergency Management with FIU, has assured the  commanders that FIU will cover the following as designated:
    1. SMRT employees will become FIU OPS employees  (your information will be forwarded to FIU with employment information)
    2. Workman's Comp provided by FIU
    3. Tort Law/Sovereign Immunity
    4. Pay by FIU
    5. Travel paid by FIU
    6. Liability provided by FIU

The Command Staff and/or FloridaOne, Inc. are not responsible for the action or inaction of FIU.  This is a newly developed, never tested system. Make informed decisions. If interested in this response opportunity, follow the following directions.

Please respond to the email being sent separately with your availability status, to include your dates of availability and shirt size. FIU.SMRT.North@gmail.com

Also, if you are listed as available on the federal DMAT roster, you will not be listed as available on the FIU-SMRT roster.  

Thank you for your expedited attention to this matter. 

FIU Memoandium - Page:FIU SMRT - North

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FIU-SMRT-North - FAQ Hurricane Irma - Page:FIU SMRT - North

FIU-SMRT-North - FAQ Hurricane IRMA

Deployment Questions:

  • 1.    How much advance notice will I get before I have to walk out the door to the mission?
    • a.    This is always a tough question to answer. The Short answer is anywhere from 2-3 hours to a day.
  • 2.    How long will I be gone?
    • a.    The typical response plan had the SMRT engaged for 3-5 days with the DMAT’s coming in behind us and taking over. I am asking for you to prepare for 7-14 days, 7 being the shortest and case by case for anything longer.   
  • 3.    Will I be safe?
    • a.    The goal of management is to always ensure that we are in a safe environment. We also will have FIU Police with the Base of Operations.
  • 4.    What should I bring? Food? Water? How many days?
    • a.    You should plan on being self-sufficient for 24-72 hrs.
  • 5.    Will I be able to use my cell phone? Computer?
    • a.    To my understanding, the cell towers now have generator backup power and seem to be one of the first priorities.
  • 6.    Will there be any security for our personal items while we are working?
    • a.    I will say yes to security but I would always prepare and secure all of my personal as if there isn’t going to be.
  • 7.    Should I bring cash or just a credit card?
    • a.    Both, But not a lot. You don’t want to be a target. Disasters bring out the best and the worst behaviors of people.
  • 8.    Do I pay for meals?
    • a.    You are being paid per-diem by FIU so yes!
  • 9.    Do I pay for a Hotel room?
    • a.    If we have to billeted in a hotel FIU will attempt to make those arrangements and put it on a Corporate super card.
    • b.    You will have to take care of the incidentals before check out.
  • 10.    Will I get reimbursed for any expenses?
    • a.    My answer to this is, you will be given per-diem, and any personal expense is taken care by you. If there is something that is deemed needed for this deployment that is required Team management will address it.
  • 11.    How?
    • a.    The accounting and finance section will have a process to accomplish this.
  • 12.    How will I get to the mission assignment? Personal vehicle? Mileage? Personal vehicle covered by insurance by FIU or personal insurance?
    • a.    The regional teams will have group transportation from the point of origin to the venue.
    • b.    There may be some of you that might need to drive your vehicle and that the mileage will be reimbursed on a travel voucher at the state rates through FIU T&A (Travel and Attendance, when this event is completed).
    • c.    You would have to rely on your personal vehicle insurance.
  • 13.    If we caravan by rental vehicle, where will my vehicle be while I’m gone? Will it be safe?
    • a.    For those in RegionOne, we will secure your vehicle in the warehouse. You will need to leave a set of keys in the lock box
  • 14.    How many suitcases/backpacks/duffle bags am I allowed to bring?
    • a.    You're carrying them and they have to fit in the back of a minivan. Please limit your bags to TWO and a small back.
  • 15.    Will I be able to contact my family while I’m gone?
    • a.    They haven’t paid me enough for you NOT too. It depends on you, your phone, your cell carrier and the other person at the other end.
  • 16.    What should I wear?
    • a.    BTU Pants (Dark Blue/Khaki), Boots, Belt, Team Shirt, nondescript Hat, Work gloves, hearing protection and eye protection.
  • 17.    Will I have any personal time?
    • a.    Yes, and that will vary based on the workload.
  • 18.    How many hours will I work per day?
    • a.    8 to 12 hours is a norm but will have to adjust based on the mission.
  • 19.    Will I have access to showers & a bathroom?
    • a.    We are planning and securing those services if we don’t already have it in the Gatekeeper/FAST Cache
  • 20.    Will I have access to a washer and dryer if needed? How will I clean my clothes?
    • a.    We will try but I would plan on it not happening then I can surprise you when our logistical team makes it happen.
  • 21.    Will I have to share a room? Sleeping arrangements?
    • a.    Most likely, Hotel rooms can be hard to come by – M-M/F-F arrangements normally setup. Sleeping in the BOO can be Co-Ed
  • 22.    Where will I sleep?
    • a.    We will attempt to bed everyone down in the safest location and amenities as possible
  • 23.    Should I bring a sleeping bag & pillow?
    • a.    Yes, to both and add a Ground Cloth/Tarp or small air mattress.
  • 24.    What if I have not received a letter of intent or acceptance from FIU HR(Human Resources)?
    • As seen in the article just above this FAQ article. Ruben Almaguer and FIU have diligently tried to setup everything that we could possibly need to get the mission or missions completed, in this time of crisis. In doing so the college HR department closed for the personnel could ride out the storm at a safe place and work remotely from that location. No with the passing of the storm most of the staff is without power and maybe for a few days. So, Let us be patient and give them a chance to recover and we will address each case in the very near future. Please ensure that your information is maintained on the master FIU/SMRT/FAST roster @ FIU.SMRT.North@gmail.com.  

Thank you for your time and response. please forward any questions to Jay Brosnan @ fiu.smrt.north@gmail.com or r1smrtcmdr@gmail.com I will do my best to add questions and answers as they arise.


The FIU (Florida International University) team is designed to be a rapid-response element to supplement/augment local medical care until Federal resources can be mobilized, or the situation is resolved.  The FIU Team provides the appropriate level of medical care, supplies, and equipment, in a disaster situation, support critical care transport, and support definitive care facilities in response to major emergencies.

In addition, the FIU Team may also be called on to support the patient movement from a disaster site to unaffected areas of the State, and support definitive medical care at participating hospital, and provide logistical support during mass prophylaxis activities.

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